Frederick deals with continued flooding of buildings, parks and roads

Posted: 5:40 PM, May 17, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-17 21:48:24Z

Frederick County residents deal with third straight day of rain, causing buildings, parks and roads to flood. The city and county has declared state's of emergency and prepare for more rain through the weekend.

Along with a lot of property damage, residents are concerned about Frederick's fish. Last summer, goldfish were illegally dumped into Culler Lake. They have since multiplied and with the flooding, the fish are all around the area, in puddles in parks.  

"Culler lake overflowed it’s banks and those goldfish went into the park," recreation supervisor for the city, Catherine Effland, said. "A lot of live fish. Unfortunately some dead fish and people have been going in and trying to collect the fish."


Thole city is coming together, whether it's to save a fish or help a neighbor in need. 


"Strangers are just coming up saying, 'you need some help?' That’s what I love about this area," resident Raimi Kellner said.  


The county is expecting rain for a few more days so the mayor held a press conference to update residents on the city's efforts and remind them of a few safety tips: avoid standing water on roads, check on your neighbors and if you catch a goldfish, take it home. They are and invasive species and don't belong in the lake.