Bowleys Quarters residents remember Isabel

Posted at 11:31 PM, Oct 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-01 23:31:05-04

At Tradewinds Marina in Bowleys Quarters, almost every boat has been moved to the floating piers.

"We've had other boats coming from other marinas that have only fixed piers and they're gonna be here,” said Marina President Robert Palmer.  “We have some already, and four or five tomorrow."

They're making moves now, just in case.  People here remember the soaking rains and damage caused by other storms.

"Isabel was it, yeah, yeah, very much the worst storm," Palmer said.

That hurricane hit 12 years ago with heavy winds and rain causing massive flooding and leaving a path of destruction.  Trees were snapped, boats ended up in the street and debris was everywhere.

"We had eight to 10 feet of water more than normal," said Palmer.

"A lot of water, a lot of damage down here,” Michael Pugh said.  “A lot of people lost their homes and some people didn't have insurance, so it hit hard."

Lessons learned then means many people are acting now since they're in Joaquin's potential path.

"I came out to get some dock lines to secure my boat to keep it from floating out into the river," said Stephon Collins.  "Got plenty of batteries, plenty of flashlight, even got my generator gassed up, so I think I'm ready."

Over at Carrol Island Hardware, the typical hurricane prep items are still on the shelves.  Owner Jeff Hoffman says business has been normal, and he's not overreacting about the impending storm.

"I think it's too early to tell right now, just wait and see."

An attitude shared by many in this area.  They say they're concerned, but time will tell.

"I think we're gonna be alright, I think we'll be fine, just a little bit of rain and wind,” Pugh said.  “Seen worse, so hopefully it brushes on by and keeps on going."

"Only mother nature knows that one," said Palmer.