My Dad Vet pic (1).JPG WMAR-2 News Executive Producer Latoya Stevens is very proud of her Father and Air Force Veteran Kenneth Stevens. He served from 1963-1967. After his time overseas he put himself through college, and chose a career as a civil servant. He worked for the U.S. Post office for more than 4 decades.
Photo by: Stevens, Latoya
Charles Godwin.jpeg From Charles' granddaughter Stacey: "My maternal grandfather Charles William Godwin served in WWII. Drafted into the Army Air Corps he played baseball to entertain troops while playing stateside. He played with Rex Barney and against Bob Feller, one of the best pitchers ever! He told my mother about going to the plate against Feller, took 3 pitches, none of which he swang, and sat back down having been called out on strikes. He was stationed in England, France and Germany. Never spoke of what he did or witnessed during the war to my Mom or aunt, I imagine it was too difficult."Photo by: Photo courtesy: Stacey Ramsland Cpl Susan DelSignore.jpg From daughter Kim Roman: "My mom, Cpl. Susan DelSignore, was #7 of 14 children and the first one to graduate high school. She was quite a rebel. When 5 of her brothers enlisted in the Army during WWII. Mom followed by joining the Woman's Army Auxillary Corps. Think of how rdical this was back in the 1940's. These pioneering women made it easier for the women who followed to enter the military, like me. She married my dad, who served 20 years in the Army Air Corps, and then the Air Force. Had my brother, who is also retired from the Air Force, and me, who served 6 years in the Air Force."Photo by: Photo Courtesy: Kim Roman Larry Wilson.jpeg Photo by: From Tymia Wilson: Larry R. Wilson was a Utilities Chief (SCW) in the U.S. Navy. He was a proud member of the Seabees and continues to display their "can do" attitude. He joined the Navy on March 2, 1979 and proudly served for 20 years. Even though he has retired, he continues to serve and help those in his Kent County hometown. Tim Holloway.jpg From WMAR-2 News Anchor Kelly Swoope: "My retired Lt. Col. Timothy Holloway was a member of the Army Reserves. Prior to retiring in 2017 LTC Holloway worked in the Defense Logistics Agency as troop support. Before that role he spent the majority of his time with the 3-312 Training Support Battalion. He trained other units/soldiers on military tasks. While I'm proud he served his country for 32 years, it's nice to have him home full-time."Photo by: Photo Courtesy: Kelly Swoope Jim Walrod.jpg Photo by: From daughter Brittany: "Jim Walrod, Vietnam Veteran. My dad was a Sergeant in the US Army during Vietnam. He was a recipient of a Purple Heart after being injured when his helicopter was shot down." joe wilgis 2.jpg Photo by: Joe Wilgis was in the Marines from 1995-1999. He served in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and Camp Lejeune, North Carolina (photo #2) Kathryn Mumford.jpg Photo by: Kathryn Mumford is one of WMAR-2 News Lauren Cook's cousins. She was in the Navy from 2002-2006. She served two tours in Iraq and was among the first to respond during Hurricane Katrina. She spent most of her time on board the USS Bataan. dale binkley 1.JPG From granddaughter Danielle Binkley: "Dale Binkley is my grandfather and he served in the Army. He served during the Korean War. He was stationed in Alaska for many years as well. He is 91 years young!"Photo by: Photo Courtesy: Danielle Binkley, granddaughter James P Holden JR.jpg James P. Holden Jr. served in the United State Navy onboard the USS Robert A. Owens. He served from 1947- 1952 during the Korean War EraPhoto by: Photo Courtesy: Frank Holden, James Holden Jr.'s Son 980929-A-3569D-001 Portrait of U.S. Army Lt. Gen. John Costello, (Uncovered). (U.S Army photo by Mr. Scott Davis) (Rleased) (PC-193083) This is Jamie Costello's brother John "Jack" Costello who retired as a 3-star general. He has a building named after him at Ft. Bills and at Redstone Arsenal. Photo by: SCOTT DAVIS, CIV, USA Julie Shank.jpg Photo by: Commander Julie Shank is from Edgewater. She is retired from the United States Navy. She is pictured here with her husband, Lt. Col. Milo Shank (USMC Ret) and her father also US Navy who served in WWII. Julie graduated from USNA, went on to be a helicopter pilot for the Navy. She served in the MIddle East and her last post was as the Operations Officer for the Brigade of Midshipman. Gordon Jackson Sgt.jpg Photo by: This is Sgt. Gordon Jackson who served in the United States Army during WWII. Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 10.33.38 AM.png Retired U.S. Navy Senior Chief, John I. Perry served 24 yrs, from 1966 to 1990. This is Chief Perry, as a 21-year-old Seaman, before heading to his first assignment in the Aleutian Islands in Adak Alaska. Chief Perry has two sons; Kevin retired as a First Class Petty Officer after 20 yrs, and Mike holds the same rank as his father, and is in year 26 of active service, in Bremerton, Wa.
Photo by: Courtesy of Chief John I. Perry
Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 11.11.49 AM.png United States Marine Corporal Peter P. Burns served from 2003 to 2007. This photo was taken in Paris Island, South Carolina, following boot camp. Corporal Burns was deployed multiple times throughout his tenure, including to the DMZ in Korea and twice to Iraq.Photo by: Courtesy of Corporal Peter P. Burns Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 3.04.24 PM.png Franklin Hunsicker served 10 years (1988-1998) in the U.S. Coast Guard, as a Health Services Technician. In 1992 he was deployed to Cuba for the mass exile. Over his career, Hunsicker spent time stationed at multiple bases including Cape Canaveral, Florida.Photo by: Courtesy of Franklin Hunsicker JamesShawnWedding.jpg WMAR Sports Reporter Shawn Stepner is honoring his brother-in-law, James Moon, who served in the Marines.Photo by: Shane Carpenter