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VA suspending new GI bill students from enrolling at notable universities

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Posted at 11:59 AM, Mar 12, 2020
and last updated 2021-03-17 22:58:08-04

BALTIMORE (WMAR) — The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is planning to deny the enrollment of new GI Bill students at several well know online universities.

According to the department, the University of Phoenix, Career Education Corporation (Colorado Technical University, American InterContinental University), Bellevue University, and Temple University, found that the schools used "advertising, sales, or enrollment practices that are erroneous, deceptive, or misleading either by actual statement, omission, or intimation against GI Bill beneficiaries, in violation of the law."

The suspension will go into effect in 60 days unless the schools take "corrective action", the department says.

Current students can continue their programs as long as they've continuously remained enrolled.

During the suspension, the schools could be prohibited from submitting enrollment certifications for new students or students returning from a break in attendance.

The VA also warns that state agencies who approve courses at these schools can take independent action against them based on the VA’s suspension. If that did happen, the VA says current students enrolled could be affected.

Any GI Bill students impacted by these suspensions can call the VA’s Education Call Center at 888-442-4551.