Marylanders concerned over vaccine wait times

Posted at 8:00 PM, Jan 26, 2021

BALTIMORE — Life on the waiting list is no fun for anyone.

We’ve been hearing from a lot of frustrated people that they or a loved one are waiting on the vaccine despite being eligible for weeks.

Michelle Messina is one of those people who has been trying to help her mom get the vaccine since the state moved into Phase 1B.

“When I first heard she could do it I went online because she’s not computer savvy at all,” said Messina. “I filled out the form for her. I was kind of hoping we’d hear back right away. Then we didn’t hear anything.”

Governor Larry Hogan just moved the state into phase 1C making 2 million people eligible, including anyone 65 or older.

With the move to this new stage, many are still concerned that their loved ones who fall in groups 1A or 1B will have to wait even longer.

“It’s just frustrating that they keep adding new groups when the other groups have yet to be finished being vaccinated,” said Messina.

President Joe Biden announced a plan to purchase 200 million doses of the vaccine on Tuesday.

Still Maryland and most other states are struggling with a lack of supply to meet the growing demand.

Everyday someone is hoping that they can get the vaccine and get a little closer to normal.

“To feel a little bit safer to be around other people even with a mask on its fine,” said Messina. “Like I said my mother hasn’t been in a store, she’d like to go in a store at some point at some time.”

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