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Turn A Dollar Store Rug Into A Spooky Spider Web Welcome Mat With This Easy Tik Tok DIY

Turn A Dollar Store Rug Into A Spooky Spider Web Welcome Mat With This Easy Tik Tok DIY
Posted at 9:20 AM, Oct 11, 2021

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It’s fun to get into the Halloween spirit by placing seasonal decorations all over your house. But that can add up in cost as you find one fun item after another to buy.

Thanks to creative folks like TikTok user Juliana Valencia, who goes by the handle @jull.colors, you can make both cute and cheap Halloween decor. And you don’t even have to be that crafty.

Spiderweb floor mats can cost a bit. The one below from Wayfair, which is currently out of stock and doesn’t look like it’ll be back in time for the holiday, is $37.99. But, you can make one for the cost of a cheap all-purpose floor mat like this one available at Dollar Tree and some acrylic paint.

spider web welcome mat

Draw your spiderweb silhouette with a white marker. Valencia used a white Posca acrylic marker.

Then use a strong pair of scissors to cut along your outline until you have your web shape. Use a lighter to burn the edges of the mat so it has a “clean look” and doesn’t unravel.

Use white acrylic paint to go over your original web lines. Valencia did three coats. She followed up with black paint along the edges of the white lines to make them extra crisp.

Valencia breaks down the steps to make the mat in her TikTok tutorial video below.


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Some TikTok users in the comments section on the video suggested putting a protective coating, such as Scotchguard or clear Flex Seal spray, over the top so that the painted mat would last longer. Another user thought glow-in-the-dark paint would make the project even spookier and more fun.

Other commenters on the original viral spiderweb mat video Valencia posted recommended adding something underneath to make sure the small mat doesn’t slip easily when stepped on. For example, you could place hot glue drops all over the back and let them dry. The dried drops would act like an anti-skid feature.

There were a few complaints about the project, though: People jokingly whined that this just fuels their dollar store shopping addictions.

If you’d like more ideas for DIY Halloween decorations, we have a roundup of several ideas that are great for adults and kids.

Would you try out a Halloween DIY project like this?

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