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6 Of The Trendiest Houseplants Of 2021

6 Of The Trendiest Houseplants Of 2021
Posted at 7:00 AM, Jan 08, 2021

The popularity of houseplants has boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a Stoneside survey of 990 people who bought houseplants since March 2020, 12% were first-time plant buyers.

It’s perhaps no surprise — plants purify the air and are also believed to have a positive impact on our mood and stress levels.

If you like the sound of these plant perks and are planning to work on your green thumbs in 2021, here are six plant trends to jump on for the most stylish green spaces.

As always, if you have pets, you’ll want to check whether a plant is pet-safe before you bring a new species home.

Calathea Rattlesnake (Calathea lancifolia)

According to Megan George, creative director of The Zen Succulent, the spotted calathea rattlesnake “is going to have its moment in 2021.”

“Its patterned foliage with deep purple underleaf beautifully stands out in even the simplest pots,” George told The Spruce. This is a good choice for beginners, because it’s easy to see what the plant needs. When it needs a drink, its leaves will drop. Just make sure to give it filtered water, because heavily chlorinated water will turn the leaves brown on the edges.


Polka Dot Plant (Begonia Maculata)

Another spotted plant that’s on trend for 2021 is the eye-catching polka dot plant (Begonia maculata). According to The Spruce, this one is generally easy to maintain, provided it gets plenty of bright, indirect light, well-aerated soil and moderate temperatures.


Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

Another plant variety experts are predicting will be hot this year is the snake plant (Sansevieria), purely because it’s an easy-care, tried-and-true favorite.

“When we surveyed our Plant Parent Club Facebook group in the fall, almost half of respondents said they were new to plants this year — or that their collection or interest significantly increased this year,” Erin Marino, director of marketing at The Sill, told Real Simple. Other varieties good for plant newbies include pothos (Epipremnum aureum) and the ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia), Marino added.


Alocasia Polly

Another new plant trend is the “urban jungle” – without the effort. Plant doctor and consultant Maryah Greene of Green Piece told Real Simple that “everyone wants the look of lush greenery until they realize that caring for every one of your plants can easily become a full-time job.”

To achieve the look without the hassle, Greene recommends “big leaves and small pots.” An example of this is the Alocasia polly, which has large leaves but can survive in a smaller pot.

“Alocasia will be the ‘It-Plant’ in 2021!” Greene predicted.



Plant influencer Summer Rayne Oakes told Better Homes & Gardens that indoor plants have been in demand for several years, and 2021 will be no different. She believes that easy-care aroids like philodendrons will be especially popular. According to Gardening Know How, these plants are extremely adaptable, making it simple to care for them. They thrive in bright, indirect sunlight and warmer temperatures.


Black Velvet (Alocasia reginula)

Experts predict that fun plants with interesting colors, patterns and textures will be hugely popular in 2021. Plant prognosticator Joyce Mast (a.k.a. Bloomscape’s “Plant Mom”), told Treehugger that although these plants aren’t always the easiest to find, they’re “well worth the search.”

Black Velvet (Alocasia reginula) is guaranteed to add interest to your houseplant collection, with its large, lush, dark leaves with contrasting silver veins.


Do any of these plants take your fancy for 2021?

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