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Motorists to expect delays as toll booth replacement begins

Posted at 3:28 PM, Jul 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-26 16:50:45-04

BALTIMORE — As part of the Maryland Transportation Authority's next generation electronic toll collection system, MDTA is continuing to replace toll-lane hardware and software at facilities.

In May, they began the process at the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and modifications have started at the Fort McHenry Tunnel and Francis Scott Key Bridge.

Due to these changes, customers are highly encouraged to pay close attention to lane signals in the toll plaza. The work will result in 24/7 and intermittent toll lane closures.

In addition, motorists will also see changes at the Bay Bridge, Governor Harry W. Nice Memorial/Senator Thomas “Mac” Middleton Bridge (US 301) and John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway (I-95) as work proceeds.

  • The traffic lights on the island behind each toll booth will be removed permanently.
  • The customer feedback signs behind each toll booth will be replaced.
  • The overhead lights above each toll-lane will no longer show flashing yellow for dedicated E-ZPass® lanes. The lights will show green for open lanes and red for closed lanes. The overhead signs will continue to indicate which lanes are E-ZPass. Only lanes versus lanes also accepting cash.
  • New overhead signage will be installed after all toll lanes are converted.

In addition, the toll booth removal project will begin at the Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge (US 40). One toll lane and the associated toll booth at the US 40 Hatem Bridge are closing as a step toward the October implementation of cashless tolls. Motorists will be able to use the remaining three toll lanes and booths available.

Weather permitting, the closure will be completed by the morning of August 8.