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Spring's in the Air, But What's the Forecast?

Spring is quickly approaching but what's the precipitation and temperature outlook...
Posted at 8:47 PM, Mar 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-11 20:48:32-04

Spring is in the air this week, with temperatures in the low 60s today and more warmth on the way for the end of the work. And I am sure many want to know, will we truly be able to enjoy the spring or will it be filled with stormy, soggy and cool conditions?

Well, I can't get specific at this point on what the weather will be for say, April 20th or May 5th, but I can tell you what the climate outlooks for temperatures and precipitation are for the next three months.

According to the Climate Prediction Center (CPC), the temperature outlook for March shows that for much of the eastern United States, including central Maryland, temperatures would likely be below normal. Actual numbers show that the region has been below normal so far this month, with an average high temperature of 41.6 degrees Fahrenheit for Baltimore City. Typically by this date (March 11th, 2019), the high temperatures would average to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

For precipitation, the CPC shows Maryland likely experiencing above normal precipitation. So far, that has been the case for the city, measuring 2.10 inches of precipitation, close to an inch above normal by this date.

Over the next three months, March, April and May, the CPC shows much of the eastern United States, including Maryland, having a likelihood of above normal temperatures. This is good news for people who love warmer weather. Its more likely over the next few months.

For precipitation over this same period, the CPC is expecting an above normal likelihood for precipitation, meaning potentially more rain (maybe some snow) during this period.

So here are the take aways:

- There's good news for people who love warmer weather. Its more likely over the next few months, beyond typical warming with the spring season.
- There may be bad news for people not wanting rain (or even snow) as it is likely that the region receives about normal precipitation.

So grab the shorts and the umbrella and keep an eye to the forecast.