UMBC fans keep the spirit going through second round loss

Posted at 11:34 PM, Mar 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-18 23:39:37-04

A school is more well known for its academics then athletics energized by their basketball team.

The UMBC campus was filled with loyal Retriever fans cheering them on as they lost a tight game to Kansas State in the second round of the NCCA Tournament.

The three viewing rooms exploded when the Retrievers got out to an early lead, chanting loud enough to make the commons building sound like an arena.

“We made history I mean not many get to say that,” said UMBC Freshman Yanni Karabatis.

They chanted “We still made history” after the game, the first 16 seed to ever take down a one won’t be forgotten.

“For a school that’s done so much in terms of growth and getting here, the chance of the sweet 16 is insane,” said UMBC Senior Maher Bousaba. “I’ve watched these boys all year and it’s amazing just to see them pour their heart out against a team like Kansas State.”

One couple found love on campus, but the biggest upset in history was almost as good.

“This is a very close second definitely. I graduated and I’m still coming back here so that’s pretty good,” said Sarah Georgiou. “It was nice of them to open campus up I don’t have cable off campus so I’m glad that I was able to come out,” said Georgious’ boyfriend Alexander Sarfarazi.

At a school usually known for its strong chess teams and academic achievement, being America’s favorite underdog is a lot of fun.

“We like to call ourselves a big nerd school,” said Sarfarazi. “We’re actually here with the comic book club. It’s really cool to see everybody excited for sports. I’m a big sports fan so I’m enjoying it.”

The team is heading back from Charlotte on Sunday night.

A campus spokesperson said they are planning a hero's welcome for them when they get back on campus.