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Super Bowl prop bets: What would you bet on?

Posted at 8:49 PM, Jan 29, 2020

With a large TV audience expected for Sunday's Super Bowl 54, many football and non football fans alike will gather to watch the annual spectacle. And there should be plenty to keep the interest of non football fans on Sunday.

How bets work: If a line has a minus sign, that is how much you would have to bet to profit $100, while a plus sign means how much a $100 bet would make. For instance, a +$100 bet would be a 50/50 proposition, while a +$200 line would essentially have a one out of three chance.

Here are some of the bets, according to Bovada (Note: Bovada is an offshore gambling site. Be sure to check your local and state laws before wagering on the Super Bowl).

There are many bets one could make regarding Demi Lovato's performance for the national anthem.

  • Will the national anthem go under or over 2 minutes? Under: -$230; Over: +$160
  • Will Lovato forget or omit a word from the national anthem? Yes: +$375; No: -$650
  • Will Lovato use a microphone stand? Yes: -$160; No: +$120
  • Will a player kneel: Yes: +$400; No: -$700

There is also a bet that is rather political.

  • Which ad will air first: Donald Trump: -$350; Michael Bloomberg: +$225
  • Will Donald Trump attend the game? Yes: +$225; No: -$350

What about the Halftime Show?

  • Will Alex Rodriguez be shown on TV during the Halftime Show? Yes: +$155; -$220
  • How many songs will be played during halftime? Over 8: -$240; Under 8: +$165
  • Will Shakira have a wardrobe malfunction during halftime? Yes: +$1,200; No: -$7,500

Even the fans can get in on the action.

  • Will a fan run onto the field during the game? Yes: +$600; No: -$1,200

To see the full list of prop bets, click here .