Students react to report detailing University of Maryland football's "toxic culture"

Posted at 5:29 PM, Aug 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-15 15:51:32-04

Students shared concerns and shock after recent allegations of a toxic culture with in the football team

It’s been a quiet summer day on campus. Most people found on the College Park campus were either new students, potential students or part-time students who haven’t been following the investigation. But those who are say they are shocked and concerned for the well being of the athletes and will continue to support the team in their upcoming season. 

“It’s not our players' fault; it’s not the team's fault,” said Cece Wallerstedt, a senior. “I think it’s an unfortunate circumstance that they felt like they couldn’t speak out about it… They are students like us. They expect to go play the sport they love, and if they are just getting bullied, how is that going to make a successful team?”

Students got an email from University of Maryland President Wallace Loh recently detailing the latest in the investigation, also laid out in the press conference today. 

“As soon as they like are able to get new leadership in place and move passed this scandal, which is obviously a bad look for the team and for the university, but once they are able to get new leadership, I will still support the team,” said Andrew Rosenblatt, a senior. 

Some students agree with the Administration that an in-depth investigation is necessary

Above all, they want to make sure that Jordan McNair’s legacy lives on at the school.