Why do we bother with March Madness brackets?

Posted at 3:43 PM, Mar 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-27 15:43:02-04

Someone please explain to me why we make brackets?

Okay, okay...I know. It’s for the fun, it’s for the money, it’s for the competitiveness and it’s for the school spirit.

For some people, including myself, you make a couple brackets. I had one bracket that was realistic and another bracket that said Kansas State, my alma mater would go all the way. Before you say anything, yes, I know they wouldn’t...but my heart can hope!

I’m in a friendly work competition for my realistic bracket. In the beginning I was doing extremely well, but alas, just like the majority of people who made a bracket, my bracket is now busted.

So, in the beginning I followed my bracket and it was fun and exciting (as always)...until the upsets started.

It was upset after upset. Some I picked because there are always a few in March Madness, the majority I did not. Honestly, how many people chose the No. 1 ranked team of the tournament to go out in the second round to an 8-seed Big 10 team!?

Well, I know Wisconsin fans did, but not all of them and I know some fans did because they love and hope for a giant upset early. But the majority of the people I know and what I’ve read online, expected Villanova to go at least two more rounds if not all the way.

In case you were wondering, I had them making it to the Final Four, but not making it past Arizona, who I chose to win it all. Now, I look at my bracket and laugh. 

The people leading our work bracket are people who don’t follow sports. The people who randomly picked teams. The people who didn’t even know how to log onto Yahoo. The people that I am now extremely jealous of.

So, it begs the there really a reason to research before you pick? Should we really stress about? Should we get all worked up when it doesn’t go how we hoped?

Of course we shouldn’t. The players are teens and young adults. They play because they love the game and they’re talented. Most hoping their talented enough to go pro. They are put under extreme pressure, by their coaches, their schools, their fans, the media and of course the random people who haven’t cared about their team until now.

But, I know, there is so much fun and competitiveness in picking winners and losers. Rooting for teams you may not watch until the Tournament. Watching a Cinderella-type story, even if it does ruin you bracket. Competing with co-workers, friends and even complete strangers to see who comes out victorious and maybe even win a little money.

I just hope next year, before I get caught up in the competitiveness, I can look back and remember those people who made a bracket solely for the fun of it, but I know, I won’t. That’s the competitive, sports lovin’ person I am.

Kim Reeves is a Good Morning Maryland producer. She graduated from Kansas State University in the heart of the country. She is no sports expert, but does love to watch and read anything about sports. Especially if it involves the Big 12, the Kansas City Chiefs or the Royals.


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