Planning for the Ravens next chapter

Posted at 10:14 PM, Dec 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-07 00:17:57-05

BALTIMORE — When the Cowboys and Bears were playing Thursday night, it didn't matter much to these Baltimore Ravens fans.

The Schwartz family has been fans since the Ravens came to town in 1996 and this season they've been celebrating the teams’ success.

"I think we're gonna kill the Bills. Their running defense isn’t there and we have a great running game. Marcus Peters pick 6. I’m calling it you can bet on that.”

“A lot of electricity. The stadium hasn’t been the way it’s been for many years and right now you can just feel it. It’s great.”

Brian Snyder has also been celebrating a spectacular season. This weekend there was a tailgate for the one of the Raven's biggest little fans, Mo Gaba with Trey Mancini and Locash.

Before that, he took 600 fans to California to watch the birds beat up the rams.

His event planning business, BMOREAROUNDTOWN, has been all over the country following the team.

"We go to all of the games even to the point when the Ravens played in the Hall of Fame game two years ago and Ray Lewis was inducted into the Hall of Fame. We do all the away games. We have a great loyal following," Snyder said.

He's taking two hundred faithful fans to Buffalo this weekend to watch the team hopefully clinch a playoff spot when they take on the Bills Sunday, but Snyder is already laser focused on Miami, and a possible run to the Super Bowl in February.

“You don’t mentally want to talk that far in advance about it, but this team just has something going and you gotta plan for it,” Snyder said.

Snyder says in 2012 they took seven buses to New England for the playoffs.

"Coming out of New England with that victory and even getting on that bus and celebrating it was a seven hour drive back,” Snyder said.

The winning isn't just good for the business, it’s great for the city.

"It's not just the re-energizing the team, it re-energizing the city," Snyder said. "We see it on the trips. We see it in the city, purple Fridays have come back."

Super Bowl trips are fun, Snyder admits they don't come cheap and most of that is the cost of the ticket.

While he's crunching the numbers and building his fun filled packages, some fans have already made the commitment for February.

"Yes we already booked our flight."