Ravens fans back at M&T Bank Stadium, lottery system to determine which season ticket holders could attend

Posted at 11:36 PM, Nov 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-01 23:37:20-05

BALTIMORE — Fans were just excited to be back.

The outcome wasn’t what they had hoped, they feel like they were still part of making history.

For the first time this season 4,300 fans were back at M&T Bank Stadium.

Earlier this month, Governor Larry Hogan announced that some fans could return to the stands and the team, along with Mayor Jack Young agreed on that number.

It’s a small fraction of the total stadium capacity, which is 70,000 people.

The Ravens are using a lottery system to determine which season ticket holders could attend.

Although the Ravens lost to the Steelers on Sunday, the fans lucky enough to get a ticket for the game were excited to be back, some even enjoying a friendly rivalry.

“It was good. Years of friendship, years of rivalry. But it’s all about the game and it was a great game today,” said Ravens fan, Vanessa Payne.

Fans said there were lots of precautions in place to make the game feel safe for attendance.

Tailgating is still not allowed anywhere within 1,000 feet from the stadium.

The next Ravens home game is November 22nd.