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New study determined the Ravens were the most stressful team to support last season

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Posted at 2:54 PM, Mar 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-15 14:54:47-04

BALTIMORE — The 2021 season wasn't easy for plenty of fans, but according to The Action Network, the Baltimore Ravens were the most stress-inducing team last year.

Conversely, the Buccaneers and Eagles gave their fans the most relaxed seasons according to the survey.

The Action Network ranked these teams by integrating a variety of metrics. The Ravens received the highest score of 104.97 out of 150 and this is thanks to 11 of their games going down to the wire. Many of the fans were glad when the season was over.

The team received the 2nd highest number of negative conversations on social media across the entire NFL. Only the Raiders had more negative conversations.

To round out the top three, the New York Giants (86.73) and the Detroit Lions (81.38) finished both second and third respectively. Both teams had bad win percentages but it's thanks to the Giants' 1.8 giveaways per game (the highest in the league) which cemented them into the 2nd spot.

At the end of the table, the Buccaneers (39.42) have the last spot because they only played three close games all season. The Eagles (40.87) also allowed their fans to breathe easy only playing in three close games (winning two), as well as losing once as the favorite.

Below is a list of NFL teams in order of which were the most stressful to support during the 2021 season:

RankTeamNFL Stress Index
1Baltimore Ravens104.97
2New York Giants86.73
3Detroit Lions81.38
4Cleveland Browns80.43
5Las Vegas Raiders79.32
6Los Angeles Chargers76.73
7Carolina Panthers73.76
8Cincinnati Bengals71.14
9Chicago Bears70.92
10Seattle Seahawks70.07
11Jacksonville Jaguars68.10
12New England Patriots67.01
13Denver Broncos66.62
14San Francisco 49ers66.31
15Dallas Cowboys65.68
16Minnesota Vikings64.90
17New York Jets64.48
18Pittsburgh Steelers60.31
19Houston Texans59.35
20Tennessee Titans58.78
21Washington Commanders58.02
22Atlanta Falcons57.48
23Kansas City Chiefs53.22
24Buffalo Bills51.58
25New Orleans Saints51.47
26Indianapolis Colts51.27
27Arizona Cardinals49.62
28Los Angeles Rams49.62
29Miami Dolphins46.31
30Green Bay Packers45.14
31Philadelphia Eagles40.87
32Tampa Bay Buccaneers39.42

For more information on the NFL stress index, please visit the site here.

NFL Stress Score Index Methodology

The Action Network’s NFL’s Stress Score Index was created by integrating a variety of metrics:

  • Losses: Losses during the 2021-22 NFL season.
  • Win %: Win percentage during the 2021-22 NFL season.
  • Close Wins: Games won by a margin of 4 points or less.
  • Close Losses: Games lost by a margin of 4 points or less
  • Losses as Favorite: Losses when tipped as the favorite.
  • Penalties Per Game: Penalties conceded per game
  • Giveaways Per Game: Number of interceptions and fumbles per game.
  • Games Missed through Injuries: Total games missed by players during the 2021-22 NFL season.
  • Negative Comments: Number of negative comments online between September 2021 – February 2022 aimed at the team.   
  • Negative Comment Percentage: Percentage of negative comments online between September 2021 – February 2022 aimed at the team.