Blue Jays submit proposal to Canadian government to return to Toronto as early as July 30

Toronto Blue Jays
Posted at 12:45 PM, Jul 05, 2021

TORONTO — The Toronto Blue Jays have confirmed to WKBWthat the team has submitted a proposal to the Canadian government that the team hopes to return to Toronto as early as July 30.

The Blue Jays have already been approved to play in both the City of Toronto and the province of Ontario by provincial and municipal governments.

The team tells WKBW that while the goal is to return to Toronto as early as July 30, they could return to Toronto at a later date.

A spokesperson tells WKBW that the goal would be to have fans in attendance this summer, but the team has not made a determination as to how many fans would be allowed if the team gets approved to play at Rogers Centre.

The Blue Jays have been playing at Sahlen Field in Buffalo since June 1.

The team is scheduled to play in Buffalo for two more series, starting with the Texas Rangers on July 16 and the Boston Red Sox on July 19.

This story was originally published by Paul Ross at WKBW.