Chris Davis meets 9-year-old Red Sox fan who wrote letter to him during historic slump

Orioles' Chris Davis looking for bigger season in 2017
Posted at 10:01 PM, Aug 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-18 22:15:33-04

BOSTON, Ma. (WMAR) — A 9-year-old Red Sox fan who wrote a personal letter to struggling Orioles first baseman Chris Davis, got to meet the slugger at Fenway Park on Saturday.

It was back on April 13, when Henry Frasca hand delivered the letter to an Orioles coach while the team was in Boston.

At the time, Davis had been going through an 0-for-54 slump, the longest in Major League Baseball history.

The coach ended up passing the note onto Davis who got a little choked up when he read what was inside;

"There are two things I want you to know; First, the way you play baseball has nothing to do with how good a person you are. But also, you have been so good; you have played in the MLB! You are great, don't give up. We are rooting for you!"

With a little inspiration from Frasca's letter, that day Davis snapped his hitless streak with a single in the first inning.

Since then, Davis has kept the note inside a small bible he carries with him.

Not until they met Saturday, did Frasca find out that Davis still has the letter.

The two spent time fielding batting practice in the outfield and chatting it up in the dugout.

Though he's a self described die hard Red Sox fan, Frasca said he didn't like what Davis was going through, and just wanted to help him out.

The season has continued to be a rough one for Davis, but it's clear some baseball fans continue to stand behind the former all star.