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This Skull-Shaped Toilet Will Add A Spooky Vibe To Your Bathroom

This Skull-Shaped Toilet Will Add A Spooky Vibe To Your Bathroom
Posted at 5:30 AM, Oct 22, 2021

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If you’re one of those people who just loves Halloween’s spooky, Gothic vibe and wouldn’t mind skulls, black lace and candles decorating your house year-round, here’s a functional conversation piece that you may wish to add to your bathroom: a skull-shaped toilet.

They’re not that new, as it turns out. People on the internet discovered the product after someone posted a picture of one they saw at a home renovation store, according to Diply. A photo of it gets reposted every so often around Halloween setting off a new round of collective obsession over them. Twitter user @rob_sheridan even put together a whole thread about different skull toilets after finding out about them.

Turns out the “skoilet” is quite the luxury item, and a Swiss company called Skullpot makes a classy porcelain skull toilet that wouldn’t look out of place in the most expensive and chic surroundings. They come in different colors, like gold, black glossy, black matte and white glossy, although only white is shown on the company’s website. The skull costs 590 Swiss franks (which converts to about $642) for a white glossy version and the cost goes up from there, so this isn’t a cheap bit of novelty.

skullpot toilet

The company also makes skull-shaped urinals and accessories, like Skullpot-logo bath towels and toilet paper with skulls printed on the sheets.

Skullpot isn’t your only option, though, if you suddenly have your heart set on a skull-shaped toilet. A French company called Water Throne also has a selection of skull-shaped ceramic toilets, and they come in even more colors.

This toilet costs a whopping $10,900, after a conversion from its price in Euros, but there are many reasons for that. As you can see, it has light-up eyes — but this one is also chock full of smart features. For one, it’s voice-controlled, so you can tell Google to flush the toilet for you. It also connects to your phone and has built-in speakers, so you can listen to a podcast or music while you’re in the bathroom.

This is a toilet that will make your bathroom the most interesting place in your house. As a bonus, it’ll make sure every day at your place is a “bones day.” (If you’re not up on TikTok, ask your kids.)

water throne skull toilets
Water Throne

Of course, if you’re not willing to pay that much and have your bathroom remodeled, you could just go for a skull decal to add on top of your existing toilet lid. Or you can purchase a custom-designed toilet lid on Etsy that is easily installed. And, in case you want to keep the theme going, you can get a skull-shaped toilet brush set to go along with your skoilet, although right now it’s pretty pricey on Amazon and sold only through third-party sellers.

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