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Skittles Is Bringing Back Their Popular Lime Flavor After An 8-Year Hiatus

Skittles Is Bringing Back Their Popular Lime Flavor After An 8-Year Hiatus
Posted at 12:55 PM, Oct 05, 2021

It’s been a long, long time for lovers of lime Skittles, but it appears the candy gods have heard their passionate pleas to bring back their favorite Skittles flavor.

After an 8-year absence from store shelves, the original Skittles flavor lineup — including the missing lime — will make a triumphant and permanent return this month, according to a press release shared with the Associated Press by Skittles manufacturer Mars Wrigley.

“It’s no secret that Lime has been a hot topic for Skittles fans since we replaced them with Green Apple back in 2013. Green Apple has had a good run, but the fans have spoken and it’s time for Lime to return to the rainbow,” said Fernando Rodrigues, Mars Wrigley senior brand manager, in the press release.

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In the years since removing lime from the original Skittles pack, Mars Wrigley has done limited-edition releases of lime Skittles. But this time, they aren’t teasing fans with a temporary fix.

The news of lime Skittles’ permanent return into our lives had people on social media buzzing with excitement.

Twitter user KJ shared that the Skittles switch from green apple back to the OG lime means life may start to feel more normal again.

Those sweet sentiments were shared by fellow Twitter user lauran4peace, who made no effort to hide their hate for the green apple replacement.

The original Skittles candy launched back in 1979 with “five fruity flavors” according to the press release: orange, lemon, grape, strawberry and lime. When the company made the switch from lime to green apple in 2013, people who grew up with the original Skittles made their dissatisfaction known loudly via social media.

“In fact, there have been over 130,000 mentions from fans on social talking about Skittles Lime. Now, the Skittles brand is answering fans’ pleas by permanently bringing back Lime and returning Skittles Original packs to their full glory,” Mars Wrigley promised in the press release.

The restored original flavor Skittles packs can be found as early as this month in some areas of the U.S., according to Mars Wrigley. A full national roll-out can be expected within “the next few months,” the company said.

Which do you prefer, green apple or lime?

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