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These Adorable Reindeer Muffins Make For A Fun New Christmas Tradition

These Adorable Reindeer Muffins Make For A Fun New Christmas Tradition
Posted at 9:00 AM, Dec 18, 2021

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Baking muffins on Christmas morning might already be a cherished tradition at your house, but we just found a way to make it approximately 10 times merrier.

Lois, the cook who runs the blog Walking On Sunshine Recipes, came up with an adorable way to bring the fun decorating that’s usually reserved for Christmas cookies to the muffin pan with treats she’s dubbed Reindeer Muffins.

And, if you’re as groggy as many of us are come that magical morning, you’ll be glad to know they are easy to bake and assemble.

The batter is a basic muffin mix that’s comprised of staples you likely always have on hand. The ingredients include flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, butter and eggs — all the basics. You’ll also need to mix up a cinnamon/sugar mixture that will give the muffins a gorgeous finish before the real fun of making them look like reindeer begins.

Walking on Sunshine Recipes

Lois recommends using a simple glaze made of powdered sugar and milk to get the decorative elements to stick. As for what you’ll use to bring these fluffy reindeer to life, she says to get some candy eyes, red M&Ms (for the nose) and pretzel twists (for the antlers).

Putting these together will give the little ones something to focus on that’s not a wrapped present, something silly and lighthearted for the adults to help with while they sip coffee and some sustenance for the big day!

Walking on Sunshine Recipes

Lois also says you can mix in some fruit or mini chocolate chips to the batter before baking to give the muffins another flavor element. The whole thing is estimated to take about 40 minutes from end to end, including 10 minutes for decorating.

Check out the full recipe, including measurements and baking instructions, at Walking On Sunshine Recipes. If you’re looking for more reindeer-themed treats, Lois has a whole slew of them, including cookies, cupcakes and cake.

Here’s to a new tradition that won’t do much damage to your already injured wallet!

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