What to do if you receive a Economic Impact Payment debit card

The IRS to send 4 million stimulus checks via debit cards
Posted at 7:41 PM, Jul 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-28 19:41:33-04

Across the country people have received stimulus checks as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act.

However, if you didn't receive this as a check or a direct deposit in your bank account, you may have received a debit card that contains you stimulus payment. This is also known as a Economic Impact Payment Card.

According to the IRS, this card will arrive in a plain envelope from “Money Network Cardholder Services.” The Visa name will appear on the front of the Card; the back of the Card has the name of the issuing bank, MetaBank®, N.A

The information included with the card will explain that the card is your Economic Impact Payment Card.

If for some reason this card has either been lost or destroyed, you can request a free replacement through the MetaBank® Customer Service.

The standard fee will be waived for the first reissuance of any EIP Card.

Any initial reissuance fee charged to a customer from an earlier date will be reversed.

You do not need to know your card number to request a replacement. If you need to request a replacement, dial 800-240-8100 and click option 2 from the main menu.

If you have received a card but are having trouble activating it, click here for steps on how to activate.

Looking to transfer funds from the card to your account? You can do that as well.

To transfer funds:

  1. Call 800-240-8100 (TTY: 800-241-9100) to activate your Card.
  2. Register for online or mobile app access by going to or the Money Network Mobile App and click on “Register”. Follow the steps to create your User ID and Password. Be sure to have your EIP Card handy.
  3. Select Move Money Out and follow the steps to set up your ACH transfer. Transfers should post to your bank account in 1-2 business days.

If you have received a notice saying that your deposit has been mailed but have not received it, your first step is to check with your bank and make sure they didn’t receive a deposit.

You should request a trace on your Payment if you received Notice 1444 or Get My Payment shows your payment was issued on a specific date, but you have not received it and it has been more than:

  • 5 days since the scheduled deposit date
  • 4 weeks since it was mailed by check to a standard address
  • 6 weeks since it was mailed, and you have a forwarding address on file with the local post office
  • 9 weeks since it was mailed, and you have a foreign address

Click here for more information on how to request a trace (scroll to Q52) or call the IRS at 800-919-9835.