After three long years, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Run is scheduled to return this fall

Posted at 3:15 PM, Jun 10, 2021

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — After three long years, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Run is scheduled to make its return this fall.

In 2019 it was bridge construction, then in 2020 it was COVID-19, so this year get your running shoes ready and set your calendar for October 31.

This year's event is being put on by

Organizers, Corrigan Sports Enterprises and Sean Ryan Sports Enterprises, say they've already received formal permission from the Queen Anne’s County Board of Commissioners and a written endorsement from Anne Arundel County to put on the event.

The event welcomes runners and walkers and takes place on the eastbound span of the bridge, which is closed to traffic.

Participants start on the west end of the bridge in Anne Arundel County and cross the 4.5-mile-long bridge into Queen Anne's County at the Chesapeake Bay Business Park.

Buses are available to transport participants between outlying parking areas and the start and finish points.

It's the only time of the year anyone gets to cross over the bridge on foot.

The origin of footraces across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge dates back to 1975 when a Towson Boy Scout leader asked Governor Marvin Mandel if his troop could walk across the bridge during a maintenance project. This eventually gave rise to the Bay Bridge Walk which was produced annually by the state until 2006.

Sean Ryan, who has served as operations manager of the event since its inception in 2014 stated, “The production of this event requires an extraordinary level of cooperation and coordination by county, state, and federal agencies. I look forward to continuing the partnership to ensure a safe, well conducted event under CSE’s ownership.”

Registration will open soon. Learn more at