State Superintendent outlines possible changes for upcoming school year in new proposal

Posted at 8:04 AM, May 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-13 09:15:41-04

MARYLAND — The State Superintendent of Schools released a proposal that shows parents, students and teachers what kind of changes they can expect to see when schools reopen in the fall.

According to the proposal, students could still spend most of their time doing school work from home, rather than coming to an actual building.

The State Superintendent outlined several strategies in Maryland's recovery plan for education.

Some of the ideas include the following:

  • students may have a one-day rotation.
  • students would spend one day a week in the classroom, while the rest of the week would be spent working on assignments at home
  • students may have a two-day rotation, in which they go to their school building on a Tuesday and Thursday or on a Wednesday and Friday
  • students could alternate one week on an one week off on an A or B week schedule. However, with this plan, student would report to their classrooms four days for one week, then learn at home the next
  • some grades can also stay at home for instruction, while others learn in the classroom. This plan would have elementary school students go to a brick and mortar school for face-to-face learning with a teacher four days a week, while students in middle or high school would continue their school work from home or online.

The superintendent also mentioned that while students could spend less time in a physical classroom, teachers would have one day a week to work on lesson planning and professional training.