At least 97% of teachers who wanted a vaccine got one in a majority of Maryland's school districts

LifeBridge Health on Thursday began administering the new Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.
Posted at 9:44 AM, Mar 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-30 09:44:38-04

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — One of the big concerns leading to the reopening of schools was getting teachers and staff the chance to get vaccinated.

According to the Maryland Department of Education, as of March 24 -- 11 out of the state's 24 public school districts have vaccinated 100 percent of their staff who requested to get one.

Seven additional districts have vaccinated 97 percent or more.

Most schools returned to some form of in-person learning on March 1.

Review the chart below to see where your school district is in the process.

It's important to note the state's numbers don't necessarily account for those teachers who have gotten vaccinated from their personal medical care provider or from one of many local and state clinics set up around the state.

The numbers are also likely to have risen since the time these numbers have been released.

Local School System (LSS):Total Number of Staff: (Teachers/Administrato rs/Support Staff)Total Number of Staff Who Want a VaccinePercent of Staff Who Requested a Vaccine & Received a Vaccince
Allegany County Public Schools1,500950100%
Anne Arundel County Public Schools14,6937,227100%
Baltimore City Public Schools11,0007,30066%
Baltimore County County Public Schools16,208Data not available>7,000
Calvert County Public Schools2,1001,639100%
Caroline County Public Schools1,050735100%
Carroll County Public Schools4,2983,12999%
Cecil County Public Schools2,2641,70099%
Charles County Public Schools3,8762,800121%
Dorchester County Public Schools73557898%
Frederick County Public Schools6,8416,84197%
Garrett County Public Schools550492100%
Harford County Public Schools5,1433,70097%
Howard County Public Schools9,8009,30099%
Kent County Public Schools326256100%
Montgomery County Public Schools24,98924,98958%
Prince George's County Public Schools19,0828,589100%
Queen Anne's County Public Schools1,10066543%
St. Mary's County Public Schools2,2001,900100%
Somerset County Public Schools61324482%
Talbot County Public Schools745521100%
Washington County Public Schools3,5502,459100%
Wicomico County Public Schools3,0602,32699%
Worcester County Public Schools1,500100066%

The State also keeps track of outbreak cases in schools, which can be found here.