Free internet from Enoch Pratt Library

New antenna installed on Southeast Anchor location
Pratt Southeast Anchor Library adds free Internet Antenna
Posted at 1:12 PM, Jan 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-29 13:12:24-05

Dozens of families are getting access to something we all need during the pandemic—internet.

Friday the Enoch Pratt Free Library announced they installed a new antenna on their building to beam wireless signal to 50 families nearby.

The project was made possible through a $50,000 PNC Foundation Grant, as well as help from the Digital Harbor Foundation, and Project Waves.

The funding helped the library install that antenna, as well as receivers for families in the Highlandtown, Greek Town, and Patterson Park communities.

The wireless internet will be free as well. Library President and CEO Heidi Daniel said access during the pandemic is more important than ever.

“The digital divide is a crisis in our community, with more than 40 percent of households not able to connect to in-home internet,” said Daniel. “Those are children, families, trying to attend virtual school, adults not able to apply for unemployment, seniors not able to get information on how they should get vaccinated for COVID.”

In addition to the new antenna, the library also used the PNC grant to buy Chromebooks and personal hotspots for people to use at home to help look for work.