Baltimore directs federal CARES Act funds toward eviction protection program

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Posted at 11:49 AM, Sep 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-02 11:49:22-04

BALTIMORE — Baltimore City's Board of Estimates on Wednesday approved a hefty portion of federal CARES Act funds toward an eviction protection program.

The nearly $30 million venture is scheduled to launch in late September.

During COVID-19, officials say the percentage of city residents on food stamps rose from 25 to 33 percent between March and June, while 28 percent also fell behind on rent.

The money aims to help citizens with past-due rent and utilities, relocation and legal services, and case management.

“The impact of COVID-19 on Baltimore families is vast and becoming increasingly complex when it comes to rental housing because it affects both tenants and landlords, a majority of which are, themselves, families struggling to make ends meet,” said Mayor Jack Young.

Here's a breakdown of the funds that will be used for the program.

  • $17.06 million in federal CARES Act community development and housing funds
    • $12.35 million—Department of Housing and Community Development
    • $1 million—Baltimore City Community Action Partnership (CAP) in the Mayor’s Office of Children & Family Success
    • $3.7 million—Mayor’s Office of Homeless Services
  • $10 million as a portion of the City of Baltimore’s general CARES Act allocation
  • $2.75 million in city funds through the Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Meanwhile the city says it's still processing applications from a $15 million Temporary Rent Support program that was rolled out in June. Officials believe up to 1,000 households could eventually benefit.

To qualify for the new program the following criteria will need to be met.

  • Have a household income of 50% or less of the average medium income
  • Demonstrate a COVID-19-related financial impact
  • Provide proof of pending eviction proceedings

You can apply by clicking here.