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Pyrex Released A Brand New Vintage-Inspired Mickey Mouse Collection

Pyrex Released A Brand New Vintage-Inspired Mickey Mouse Collection
Posted at 12:25 PM, Jul 02, 2020

M-I-C- See what’s new at Pyrex Home. K-E-Y- Why? Because it’s adorable. Mickey Mouse adorns a unique collection of Pyrex storage containers that any Disney fan will want in their kitchen.

The magical lidded glass bowls are part of a collectible, limited edition set that is only available at the official Pyrex Home website.

“Perk up your ears, Mickey Mouse fans!,” Pyrex Home announced in a Facebook post. “You don’t want to miss this special edition, colorful collection, featuring the beloved Disney character.”

You can purchase the collection as acomplete set, which includes the following six pieces:

  • One 7.5-inch diameter by 3.25-inch high, 7-cup capacity bowl;
  • One 6-inch diameter by 2.75-inch high, 4-cup capacity bowl;
  • One 4.75-inch diameter by 2.25-inch high, 2-cup capacity bowl; and
  • Three BPA-free, plastic lids.

The bowls are made of Pyrex’s beloved tempered glass and are dishwasher-, freezer- and microwave-safe (the lids are safe in the top rack of the dishwasher). They easily nest and stack with each other and with other Pyrex containers, making storage a breeze.

Each bowl is speckled with polka dots in red, blue or green featuring black and white drawings of Mickey in various poses. The lids are brightly colored as well in red, blue and yellow.

Pyrex Home

The complete set of three bowls with three lids is $30. You can also buy the four-cup size bowls in your choice of these color combinations:

  • Yellow-dotted container with a green lid,
  • Blue-dotted container with a red lid,
  • Red-dotted container with a yellow lid, or
  • Green-dotted container with a blue lid.

The single bowls are each $10. Other storage container sizes are not available individually.

Much like their Star Wars collection, the containers are super popular and going fast. If you try to shop and they are sold out, as they were at press time, hang tight. We checked with Pyrex and they will be restocked.

“They’ll be back,” a spokesperson said. “You can register for emails on to be notified when they return.”

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