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Program at Baltimore school helps young girls self esteem soar

Posted at 7:53 PM, Feb 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-10 23:27:00-05

BALTIMORE — Schools out, but class is still in session at Leith Walk Elementary Middle. These young ladies are learning about themselves, watching their self esteem soar.

"The words that I chose are positive words that I believe that they show me my exercise was to see where their minds are and how they feel about themselves and they were right on target," said Saudia Scott.

They're also perfecting their performance on stage. The after school program is a collaboration of the arts from Antoinella Peterkin's Fashion Art Mentor Etiquette program or FAME and Saudia Scott's "I Am Naturally Beautiful" brand. It was perfect match for the school and students.

"It's a program I started to help youth embrace their creativity on the runway of life," Peterkin said. "I've always been unique and different and I always wanted a place like this to embrace so I wanted to make that space for girls around Baltimore City."

"It's gotta be positive. You get up in the morning, don't say I'm tired say I am going to get through this day," Scott said.

The girls are in the first through fifth grade and in the second year of the program they're already having fun and seeing the benefits.

"I got involved in the program because one, I have a very big personality and I love to dance and model and it felt like it was a perfect program for me," said one girl.

Scott says she started "I Am Naturally Beautiful" because she remembers growing up wasn't always easy.

"I was a girl once and I went through challenges just like everybody else," Scott said.

Now through her brand, she's hoping to spread a message to young girls about loving yourself on the inside and out.