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Philadelphia’s New Ready-to-eat Cheesecake Cups Come With Graham Cracker Crumbles

Philadelphia’s New Ready-to-eat Cheesecake Cups Come With Graham Cracker Crumbles
Posted at 11:25 AM, Jan 13, 2021

As 2021 gets off to a very rocky start, you might find yourself in need of some sweet comfort food. Well, Philadelphia Cream Cheese’s new Cheesecake Crumble will surely hit the spot. These ready-made cheesecake treats combine everything you love about the dessert (tangy cream cheese, sweet fruit and graham cracker crust) — all contained in an easily transportable, handheld tray.

While Philadelphia Cream Cheese has been in the pre-made dessert business for a while with their Cheesecake Cups, this is the first time we are getting a crumble addition that mimics cheesecake crust. And let’s face it, cheesecake is just not the same without the crust!


With these new cheesecake crumble cups, you can sprinkle the graham cracker crumbles over the top of your cheesecake, and if you try the strawberry flavor, you also get to mix in a delectable strawberry sauce.

So far, these desserts come in two flavors: Original and Strawberry. The 6.6-ounce packages clock in at under 300 calories, so this could be a sweet treat to keep on hand when you want to satisfy late-night sugar cravings without breaking the calorie bank!

This new product is still rolling out to grocery stores across the country, but thus far it’s been sighted at Food Lion. We expect that stores like Walmart (which already carry the traditional Cheesecake Cups) will likely soon have the new Cheesecake Crumble flavors as well.


Of course, until your store’s inventory catches up with this new rollout, you can always just crumble your own graham crackers on top of the original cheesecake cups.

Or if the quarantine has left you with a little extra time at home, try your hand at making your own handheld mini cheesecakes. You can customize the fruit toppings to your personal taste and choose your own crust base, whether you like to use regular graham crackers or the kind that are flavored with cinnamon or chocolate. Yummy!

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