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Pest control firms in Arizona sell COVID control

Sanitizing sells
Posted at 11:07 AM, Jul 20, 2020

The drive to stamp out coronavirus has opened opportunities for companies that usually stamp out pests like roaches and rats. Exterminators are finding COVID control’s a growing new business.

Businesses are getting more aggressive about keeping space for workers and customers sanitized and safe.

Truly Nolen Pest Control realized it already had an effective COVID killer it had been using to clean up after rat infestations.

Mark Ringlestetter with Truly Nolen says, “So at that point, we decided to build a program that would be good for sanitizing surfaces.”

So Truly Nolen worked out procedures for a program called Truly Sanitized, developed training and pushed out a new product. Other pest control companies have gone into COVID control too.

Right now Ringlestetter says Truly’s charging about two hundred dollars an hour.

Ringlestetter says, “Let's take a call center for instance, and you go in and it's ready to go and then you know there's somebody there and you're doing desktops and wiping down keyboards and, you know, creating hard surfaces on chairs then it could go relatively quickly we're moving around a lot of things and we're doing a lot of prep work in advance that, then, that certainly would slow it down.”

The product does not have a long term germ killing effect but Truly Nolen’s working on a process that will because even if COVID-19 doesn’t last our extra interest in sanitizing probably will.

“I would imagine that it's changed everyone's perception of how, how to protect yourself even against things like the common, the common cold or even the flu. So I think you're going to see some behavioral changes and, and in the public and with the way they just go about things even, even during flu season.”

KGUN's Craig Smith first reported this story.