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Peeps Will Have 2 Kinds Of Coffee-Flavored Chicks In Stores This Spring

Peeps Will Have 2 Kinds Of Coffee-Flavored Chicks In Stores This Spring
Posted at 7:00 AM, Jan 30, 2022

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Nothing indicates that the end of winter is near quite like seeing Peeps marshmallows on store shelves. Their arrival is soon followed by springtime weather and, of course, Easter.

When the seasonal treat hits shelves this year, you’ll find a handful of new flavors, including coffee-flavored chicks and marshmallow bunnies that sparkle.

A collaboration with The Original Donut Shop Coffee, the coffee-flavored chicks will come in two flavors: original coffee-flavored and Peeps Filled Delights Caramel Mocha, which take the coffee chicks up a notch by dipping them in chocolate and filling them with caramel. Both flavors will be available at retailers nationwide alongside all the other Easter goodies.


Also new this year are Sparkly Wild Berry Flavored Marshmallow Bunnies and Marshmallow Egg Hunt treats, which are individually wrapped marshmallow chicks that can fit inside plastic eggs for baskets or an Easter egg hunt.

There are also a few new flavors at specific retailers, like Easter Essentials at Sam’s Club, which is a box of six different treats, including lavender bunnies, blue bunnies, yellow chicks, pink chicks and two bags of jelly beans.


The brand has had dozens of other Peeps flavors over the years as well, many of which are still available, like Hot Tamales and Cotton Candy.

You can also make your own Peeps if you want a different flavor, or if you find yourself with too many Peeps after Easter (if you don’t eat them all, of course), take a look at this Peeps s’mores dessert that calls for leftover Peeps, butter, chocolate chips, salted caramel chips, heavy whipping cream and graham crackers.

If you’re not a fan of Peeps, there are other new Easter treats that will soon be hitting store shelves as well.

Hershey will have Whoppers Bunny Tails, Cookies ‘N’ Creme Polka Dot Eggs and a cookies and creme bunny, which is made with pink, purple and blue cookie pieces. There will also be new Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolates with Vanilla Frosting Flavored Creme, which are wrapped in cute plaid foils and filled with creme that tastes like vanilla frosting.

And Keebler will be releasing a new bunny cookie that’s dipped in Keebler fudge and measures 6 inches tall. You’ll be able to find the cookie in stores nationwide by mid-February for around $4.99.


Keep your eye out for even more seasonal treats that should be showing up in grocery stores soon! Are you ready for springtime yet?

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