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This restaurant in North Baltimore serves as a bodega and grocery store

Posted at 5:22 PM, May 28, 2021

BALTIMORE — Chuck's Trading Post on 36th street in North Baltimore wants you to know they're open for business!

The restaurant also serves its neighborhood as a bodega and grocery store. They source a lot of their items from local vendors!

"We're nice and cozy. We have an open kitchen, a 1950's weird quirky convenience store that was remodeled and turned into a little bit of a western diner, all comfort food, and everything is just made with a lot of love."

Chuck's is accepting reservations for indoor dining and also has a covered patio seating area that is first come, first serve.

They're open 8 till 3 Tuesday through Friday, and 9 till 3 on weekends. Click here for more information!