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Sykesville couple launches new business during pandemic

Sykesville couple launches new business during pandemic
Posted at 4:27 PM, Sep 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-29 16:27:17-04

SYKESVILLE, Md. — A cosmetologist for 30 years, Mindy Coles had set her sights on owning her own her own salon, and when the first pandemic in more than a century shut down most businesses, she pushed forward with her plans.

“The executive order for salons had lifted by the time we were open,” said Coles. “Of course, to build with permits and the county and state---things took a little longer than were were expecting and at first, we were worried about that---not being able to open right when everything opened, but it turns out the community wasn’t really ready at that time.”

It helped that Mindy’s husband, Greg, could use his crew from his landscaping business to renovate the salon’s space with social distancing in mind, and already the business is building.

“Mindy and her team have been doing a great job and we see things go up every week,” her husband told us. “The numbers go up so we got a long time to go before we get where we want, but it’s definitely heading that way.

Complete with a grand opening last week, when the Coles learned they were just the third new business to open in the area since COVID shut things down.

“We’re open,” said Mindy. “Come to The Hair Company. We’re happy to have you and hope you feel safe and comfortable and make everyone look beautiful.”

The hair company is open from Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only.

After all, we are in the middle of a pandemic.