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Local business working to get back on their feet in Ellicott City

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Posted at 4:45 PM, Jun 22, 2021

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. — "It looks like this is towards the end of the nail."

Sharon Jones' feet are back in the capable hands of Dr. Jeannine George-Richardson, but when she got hit with COVID last year, she was laid up on her back.

"COVID takes away everything. It takes away your energy. You can't think right. I had to have somebody help me go to the bathroom," she explained.

After weeks in the hospital she's back on the mend and getting her feet the attention they deserve.

"I've been coming here 6 years. This is the new location, my mom, and my dad come and my grandson comes."

It's her loyal customer base like Jones and her family that have kept George-Richardson in business and on her feet during the pandemic.

"I just moved to my location in Ellicott City in September 2020 previously we were in Catonsville, we had an established population," George-Richardson said. "It was a very challenging time. We definitely wanted to be here for our patients and it meant we would have to see some patients for telehealth and some in-person."

But thanks to vaccinations and safety protocols, the doctor is glad to be seeing her patients back in person because for many of them that's critical.

"A lot of our patients are diabetics and they require routine checks every 9 weeks, so I would have to evaluate their feet, make sure their circulation is functioning, make sure their sensation is intact, and certainly we do trim their nails and callouses so that is all hands on," she said.

Now back on the move Sharon Jones encourages others to help our struggling small businesses.

"Get out and get some fresh air and support the businesses go back and support little by little," Jones said. "COVID is not gonna be around forever."

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