Homeowner faces charges after chihuahua found in vacant home, while realtor clarifies firing

Posted at 7:23 PM, Jan 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-20 21:27:57-05

The owner of a Chihuahua found in the basement of a vacant home that's for sale is now facing charges.

The dog was given back to the owner, but is staying with other family members.

Realtor Alison Reedy was showing a vacant home on the 1000-block of Mayflower Avenue in Lincoln Park to a potential buyer.

But when they got to the basement they found a Chihuahua, alone in a pen.

"The smell was horrific," she said. "That's where I saw the dog in a pig pen with all of the crap surrounding it and the urine. You don't leave a dog in a home vacant, while it's being listed, in a cold basement to sleep where it goes to the bathroom. It's heartless."

She posted a photo of the dog on Facebook asking for advice.

Reedy called Lincoln Park police and animal control, who brought the dog to the Taylor Animal Shelter.

"I feel like I did what I had to do and I feel like the dog has a chance and hopefully a warm bed tonight."

The owner showed up to the Taylor Animal Shelter the next day, with proper paperwork, and the dog was released to the owner.

Taylor officials say that is the proper protocol because they weren't given any special hold instructions and they felt the dog was not abused.

"The dog looked like it was in good shape. It was cleaned up and we didn't have any background or history or no special instructions and the owner came in the very next day," said Keith Boc, Public Services Director of Taylor.

The listing agent for the house said the homeowner was visiting the dog daily to pick up after it, but Reedy doesn't believe that.

She said, "It doesn't sound like the owner came here at all."

The home has been on the market since January 3rd, but the listing agent would not confirm how long the dog has been living in the basement.

The listing agent says the homeowners didn't want to give up the dog, but had to temporarily move into an apartment that doesn't allow pets.

They had plans to move again to a pet-friendly apartment.

The owner of the dog is facing charges and the Chihuahua is staying with the owner's family members.

Reedy was let go from her realty company for violating an ethics code by posting the photo and specific information about the house on Facebook.

She tells us her former broker is now receiving death threats and hate mail.

Reedy says he did the right by letting her go and doesn't feel he should face any backlash.

"It was a mutual decision for me to go work somewhere else. He did not fire me for saving the dog. He fired me for not following proper procedure, which he has every single right to do."

The homeowner is facing charges and will be arraigned February 9th.