Couple heartbroken after RV stolen in Las Vegas

Posted at 9:56 PM, Jun 29, 2016

What was supposed to be a week of fulfilled dreams turns into a terrible nightmare for one family when their home away from home -- their RV -- was stolen. However, that's not what makes this story particularly devastating.

Las Vegas police found the RV, but the family was not expecting all of their belongings to be destroyed.  The suspect(s) even trashed 7 urns that stored the ashes of loved ones.

“They ransacked my parents," said Genevieve Schmid. “They were underneath the closet. I thought it'd be hard to get to but I guess if you're looking for stuff it's not that hard."

Las Vegas is the third stop on an adventure that Kevin and Genevieve Schmid have been planning for years. They've been traveling across the country in the RV, stopping in Las Vegas on Thursday for the World Series of Poker.

On Tuesday, they found themselves in a state of shock when they discovered the RV had been stolen from the Bally's hotel-casino parking lot, where they were staying.

"It really was a kick in the gut to try and drive by it and see it missing," said Kevin.

Good news came on Wednesday morning when police called to the couple to tell them they found the RV abandoned on the southeast side of town. 13 Action News met up with them at Snap Towing in Henderson for the reunion.

"A lot of mixed emotions,” said Kevin. “It looks like it's fully intact. Obviously, they broke the window to get in."

The RV is the couple's current home. They're stuck here in Las Vegas until they get it fixed up for the next stop on their adventure. It’s an adventure they refuse to give up.

This is still an active investigation because police are looking the person who stole the RV.