What's the Deal with Underdog Super Bowl Commercials?

Posted at 2:56 PM, Feb 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-02 14:57:41-05

Just like the action on the field, the commercials that play during the Super Bowl have dominant teams like Budweiser and Pepsi. They also have smaller companies that are able to pony up the cash to play! Jimmy Rhoades and marketing expert Ali Craig have the top four underdog spots that caught fire thanks to the Big Game.

1.  Apple Super Bowl Commercial (1984)

This one introducing the Macintosh computer and directed by Ridley Scott was super low-budget, no celebrities, no sex selling – It was just really clean and simple, but it got our attention.

2. Super Bowl Commercial (1994)

Back in 1999, internet wasn't what it is today. That was still AOL dial-up! The commercial was just children talking directly to camera. This spot captured the hearts of the world.

3.  GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial (2005)

The spot won the day by making cheeky reference to the previous year's wardrobe malfunction. The joke paid off and now the brand is HUGE.

4.  Doritos Super Bowl Commercial (2006)

Doritos risked millions to let an amateur do their ad with the Crash the Super Bowl campaign. The gamble paid off and ran up until last year.

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