What's The Deal? 3 Ways to Stop Wasting Food & Save Money

Posted at 2:10 PM, Dec 02, 2016

A typical American family of four throws out around $1,600 of food each year. You're not just throwing away good leftovers, you're throwing away cold, hard cash. It’s also bad for Mother Earth. Once in landfills, the food waste decays into methane, a greenhouse gas that's more harmful than carbon dioxide. Jimmy Rhoades has three ways to reduce food waste and save money.

1.  Source Reduction

Take an inventory of what you have before you shop. There are even high-tech refrigerators that can help or pencil and paper still work, too.

2.  Feed Someone

Have extra food? Share it safely with a community of food swappers using the free Olio app. You can also donate unused food at your local food bank, and pack tonight's dinner leftovers for tomorrow's lunch.

3.  Compost

The United States created 36 million tons of food waste, and composted only 5 percent of that. Simple countertop compost bins start at $20 and really tricked out ones can get up over a $100. You can even make your own and that will really save you money!

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