What's The Deal? 3 Holiday Shopping Traps to Avoid

Posted at 12:15 PM, Dec 08, 2016

This holiday shopping season you’re going to see retailers pulling out all the stops to get your money. Jimmy Rhoades and marketing expert Mari Corella have the top tricks retailers use to open your wallet.

1.  The Environment

That includes visuals -- even before you step foot in the store you're going to notice holiday themes such as winter scenes or ornaments. Smells -- familiar scents such as sugar cookies or pine. Sounds -- namely Christmas carols. They invoke a feeling of nostalgia and generosity from the holiday period. You're going to want to linger in that store a little bit more and therefore you're spending more money.

2.  Gift Sets

You see items you wouldn't normally buy together set into a really beautiful package at an incredible price. Even though you think you're getting a great value, you might be buying items you don't need at a value that's overstated.

3.  Tricky Offers

A "threshold offer" entices you to increase your self-imposed spending limit. If you spend $100 then you get 20 percent off. The problem here is that you only intended to spend $50 when you went into that store. A "bounce back offer" is a gift you can only redeem in person at a later date. This is great for the retailer because they not only get you to come back into the store at another time, but very few people redeem the offers. Don’t fall for these!

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