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EARLY SPRING: The February Thaw

Punxsuatwney Phil's Verdict Early Spring
Posted at 2:33 PM, Feb 02, 2019

The prognosticators of all prognosticators Punxsutawney Phil came to the conclusion that Spring is right around the corner. So is he right or wrong? Well by historical record "Phil The Groundhog" has a 40 % accuracy record with 19 times of no shadow and 104 times of shadow seen.

"Western Maryland Murray" Phil's cousin in Cumberland, Maryland has something else to say about this prediction. "Murray" saw his shadow this morning predicting 6 more weeks of winter ahead. As record show he has been correct since the Inaugural Groundhog Day event started in Cumberland back in 2007.

Whether you believe Phil or Murray it does look as if we are getting into the "February Torch". Bitter cold temperatures look to retreat from the eastern two-thirds of the country as warm air surges in. Many of the areas that were in subzero temperatures this past week will see highs rebound by 60-90 degrees come the middle of next week. If you remember places likely Chicago, Minneapolis, Grand Forks, and Detroit were seeing air temperatures of 20-35 degrees below zero. This week they will see highs of 50 and even 60 degrees.

The same can be said for right here in Central Maryland. Highs Superbowl Sunday will be pretty close to 50 degrees before toppling that mark Monday and then hop scotching 60 degrees Tuesday afternoon. The front end of the week will remain dry with the exception of a few showers late Monday into Tuesday as our warm front lifts north.

A quick cool-down Wednesday with rain arriving late out ahead of our next storm system Thursday. Once again it will be another warm front lifting north putting our temperatures well into the 60s come Friday. The warmth doesn't last though as our next push of cold air returns for the weekend ahead.

CPC Outlook 8-14 Day
CPC 8-14 Outlook: NOAA

The 8-14 day trends continue to suggest below average temperatures and above average precipitation. Looks like a DECEPTIVE SPRING "Punxsutawney Phil" maybe you should have listened to your cousin "Mountain Maryland Murray." Let's enjoy the warmth while we got since there is plenty of Winter to go. Happy Groundhog Day 2019 Everyone!!