Suggestions to help get your kids to do chores

Posted at 6:43 PM, Feb 07, 2018
and last updated 2019-07-23 08:31:53-04

Next, to homework, housework may be one of the least favorite things on your child’s to-do list.

But like it or not, Mia Redrick says it's important to get them doing chores while they're young.


"They can pull the blanket back on their bed at 5 years old. They can pick their toys up and put them in a basket as early as that age as well."


Our Mom Strategist says making sure your kids play an active role in maintaining the house helps them develop some responsibility.

It all starts with the task, like washing dishes or cleaning your room.


"For example, if I want you to clean your room, does it include your bookshelf? Does it include all toys off the floor? Does it also mean that your bed needs to be made? Be really specific about what completion of that task looks like."


Secondly, set a timetable.


"I think this it’s important is to give yourself a schedule or task for their chor,e and this is important so they know when the task needs to be finished by. I think a lot of times they like to prolong getting it done, and then the third thing that I recommend works really great is a consequence."