Some black Americans believe karma caught up to Cosby

Posted: 9:06 AM, Sep 27, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-27 13:06:27Z

Bill Cosby once attacked poor blacks in a speech to the NAACP. Now some of the same people he criticized are talking about the comedian's prison sentence as a moment of racial comeuppance.

They say Cosby's three- to 10-year term for sexual assault represents a convergence of karma, hubris and hypocrisy. Some even quoted Cosby's own words in tweets announcing the sentence.

In the 2004 speech, Cosby used his celebrity status to chide impoverished blacks to pull up their sagging pants and stop having children out of wedlock.

His own comments were a catalyst for his downfall. In 2015 a judge who unsealed a deposition in the case cited the speech. He said Cosby had become a "public moralist" and that his conduct was a matter of public interest.