Making Mother's Day a stress-free celebration

(WMAR) - "It's important to acknowledge the people who love us and take care of us and moms certainly do that."


When it comes time to celebrating mom, there are lots of options.


"Take Mom out to brunch.  It's a really great easy solution.  Dad doesn't have to cook and it's a great way to enjoy."


Mia Redrick the Mom Strategist suggests Turf Valley or the Ivy.  Brunch can range anywhere from 25 to 60 dollars per person.   


"Spirit cruises, the Inner Harbor, they actually have lunch, dinner, a late dinner.  It starts at $79."


Looking for something more affordable?


"The simple and tried but true, the things that Moms love, breakfast in bed.  Kids can help make the breakfast.  Moms always love that and we never get to have breakfast in bed."


And don't forget that special gift from the heart.


"When your kids were in elementary school or in pre-school you go tons of personal gifts from the kids, your children.  We love that but as they get older we don't get letters or cards or pictures and we love those things too."



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