How to get ready for back to school

Posted at 8:02 PM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-15 20:25:40-04

The rush of tax-free shopping week is one of the first signs that summer is nearing an end.


These anxious, eager students are thrilled to pick out the perfect binders, notebooks, and school supplies.


"Out of all the places I've checked and there's some really good places out there to get school supplies, Walmart, you can't beat their prices."


But after their backpacks are loaded with bargains, Mia Redrick says it's time to get down to business at home.


"Now is the perfect time, 3, 4 weeks before school starts is the perfect time to start to have your kids go back to that bed time routine.  It keeps you from having two weeks of school starting and you're still in transition."


Another transition should be from tv time and electronics to reading.


"Just say to your child your gonna watch half the shows that you're watching."


"I went to Barnes and Noble and had him choose two chapter books that he wanted to read and then he just starts to read those pages each and every day just to get them in the habit of reading."


Once you're well rested and read......get ready for the big day.  The Mom Strategist says there are things you can do now, to ease those first day jitters.


"It's really important to attend school meet and greets, and I know it's summertime and we're really busy but our children do so much better when they have an opportunity to have met some other classmates in advance.....It does ease their nerves even if they don't talk about it with you.  They still are wondering will I connect with anyone, will I find any friends?