Homeless man finds $10K check, returns it to owner

Homeless man finds $10K check, returns it to owner
Posted at 8:55 AM, Nov 13, 2017

If you found a check for $10,000 would you return it?

A homeless man in Connecticut is getting recognized after he found a $10,000 check and returned it to the owner.

Now, she's helping him in return.

Elmer Alvarez found the check on the street in Connecticut and immediately wanted to return it. He called the number on the check and found Roberta Hoskie, who didn't even realize the check was missing.

"He had no idea who the person was behind the check. He didn't know that I was a single mother, at one point I was on welfare, at one point I found myself homeless," said Hoskie.

Now she is trying to say thank you by writing Alvarez a check, helping him get an education at her real estate school, and an apartment of his own.