Girl Scout cookies can taste and look different, thanks too two bakeries

Posted at 6:48 AM, Mar 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-20 06:48:41-04

Have you ever had a Girl Scout cookie that didn't taste like the last one you ate?

Well, you may have not been wrong about that. It turns out the cookies are made in two different bakeries, so they can end up tasting and looking differently.

The difference in thin mints, which is a bestseller, is only slight, but the newest flavor, s'mores can be two entirely different cookies depending on which bakery made them.

Cookies based on the same flavor can also have two different names. That's the case with "caramel delites" and "samoas" and "tagalongs" and "peanut butter patties."

The two bakeries are based in Louisville, KY and Richmond, VA.

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