Fire crews save the life of family pet

Posted at 10:14 PM, Apr 12, 2016

Polk County Fire crews responded to a single-family home grease fire in Mulberry, Florida.

During their sweep, they came upon the cage of the family pet, Rodney the guinea pig. Fireman John Williams grabbed the cage and brought the guinea pig to safety. 

Kristi Waller, Rodney's owner, was at the doctor's office when the fire broke out. When the 29-year-old returned home, she found Rodney sitting in his cage with firefighters. 

Rodney had inhaled a lot of smoke and needed oxygen. The firefighters don't carry a mask specifically designed for a guinea pig, but they were able to improvise.

Using a special mask for dogs, they got Rodney some much needed oxygen.

Kristi said Rodney is doing well and she has the utmost respect for the firefighters.

"He is doing good! I'm so incredibly thankful for Polk County Fire Rescue for saving Rodney. They were very to him and myself. I have the utmost respect for firefighters in the first place, but to see them care so much for something so small because of what he meant to our family was truly moving."

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