Cutting Through The Chaos: Father's Day Edition

The best ways to honor dad
Posted at 11:37 PM, Jun 11, 2018

Whether it's a day at the ballpark or just a little quality time with the family, June 17th is a day dear old dad deserves.


"One of the things that Dads want more than anything is acknowledgment and appreciation."


Mia Redrick the Mom Strategist knows because she says she asked her husband and father of their three children what he likes for Father's Day.


"They just want to be able to be, without having to do anything for anyone else that's a great way to let your dad know the dad in your life know that he's important.  Wait on him and allow him to just do whatever it is he wants to do."



When you think of Mother's Day flowers and fancy presents come to mind, Redrick says that's not always what dads want.

Great gifts for them often revolve around their hobbies.


"If you think about what your dad in your life is into, hobbies are a great way to be able to give him a gift that really matters.  If he's a car guy, get him a car set.  If he loves golf or playing tennis get him a gift that's relevant to what he's really interested in."


While us moms often like champagne brunches, or maybe breakfast in bed, some dads may prefer an old-fashioned hearty meal.


"The Avenue Kitchen and Bar is a great place for Dads.  They've got an incredible menu for Father's Day.  While they don't have a separate brunch for Father's Day they have a meat-heavy meal that a lot of the guys in your life would appreciate and many restaurants do exactly the same thing."