House made of chocolate for just $59 a night

Posted at 10:49 AM, Sep 25, 2018

Imagine your dream vacation home. Some people instantly think of an island, a beach, or even one of the world's biggest tourist sites, like Paris!

But this place is designed for anyone who loves chocolate.

Chocolate fanatics can stay a night in a cottage in Sevres, France where everything (literally...everything) is made of chocolate!

About 1.5 tons of chocolate were used to create the cottage--everything from the shelves, to the walls and clocks are made of complete edible chocolate. There's even a chocolate roof, sink, and bookcase. 

You can reserve the cottage for just $59 a night, but be cautious you can stay and look, but you cannot eat!

The Chocolate cottage is expected to be available for booking September 25th through October 6th.